Demo ranked 3rd at the Chaos Construction 2012.


Megadrive demo submitted as a remote entry, for the great Chaos Construction party, 2012.

Music was made with The Los Tacos - , Antoine G. and myself made this awesome track in one evening, live recorded the guitar and old organ using a Zoom. I really hope to record again someday.

Visuals are done using the SGDK and my own software renderer, please note that its all framebuffer rendered and is better to watch on overclocked genesis (kind of 15% smoother).

Most pictures comes from public domain movies : night of the living dead, oasis of the zombies, a boy and his dog (a must see movie), the satanic rites of dracula.

Note that it loops in Red, Green, Blue colors... but red one is better :)


La Isla De La Muerte (soundtrack) - Listen it now on : Soundcloud

Live au Parc des Princes