Made as member of REBELS for the Silvester 2021.

One Chillion Dots

Demo released at the Silvester demoparty 2021.

Skarab - Teo - Critikill


Full GPU animated one chillion dots dynamically polygonised and raytraced using a custom Unity Scriptable Renderer Pipeline.

Recorded at 1080p on a Geforce 3070 RTX.


Technical details:

Got a 3070 RTX so wished to experiment crazy things. I made an Unity SRP custom renderer from scratch to get maximum performances, with my own stuff.

Here was the idea,

- point cloud

- animate

- render in bunch of 3D textures

- march cube it in bunch of pass to fill gbuffer

- generate colored aabbs list

- rtx all this shit

- make a demo about it since its all realtime an sounds crazy and awesome


Most is done using compute shaders, it's ended up with a 45.707.161 colored point cloud.

I dispatch it using 8x8x8 128 3D textures (so it can handle 1.073.741.824 points, at maximum if memory allows it, 8 is the max bound), I update 7x3 3D textures each frame, this to get somewhat smooth update even at 3Ofps...

All marchingcubes are generated each frame, chunk per chunk to fill the gbuffers. The AABS are decimated by 4, to get enough performances for some awesome RTX.

Final raytracing pass handles this,

- raymarching for the water & sky

- sky

- water:

- one ray for shadows in water

- one ray for reflection in water

- island:

- one ray for shadows

- one ray for ambiant/ao

- one ray for reflection

- one ray for refraction (why not?)

- simple blinn-phong diffuse & specular

- mixing all this beauty with my psycho/artisticish DoF & things.


Happy new year !