RTX based artistic NFTs.


I whished to find an awesome new avatar for 50$ on OpenSea.

So I could own the digital thing and put it on all my channel & things...

I ended up buying a ripped Evoli with pilot helmet on a LGBT flag background,

I love it, it looks awesome... but... :D


So I decided to create my own thing, the "awesome shader" NFT collection.

I whished to create avatars but the resulting thing were so cool that I discarded this idea.

It looks kind of comics strip, pixelart oldschoolish, with carefully choosen patterns and colors.

180x180 was the main choice, about display pixels and size on the blockchain / harddrive.


The NFT is created procedurally, using code, using shaders.

The compute shader generate the layers, then its raytraced using RTX,

this to create awesome shader details, shadows, RTX pixels.


Technically I know I could do it using only compute shader, or CPU, or maybe my hand on gimp, but its not fun.

So, here are the "Awesome Shader NFT"s.


The NFT number is the random seed.