KStorm has been founded around 2000 by me, Alexandre Chambriat aka Skarab. It is some kind of demogroup, a non-profit label to publish my various artistic digital things (demos, tools, games, musics, ...).

It has always been a small crew joined with various talented artists, like New-G, Ozan, Kiki-Prods members, old brother's friends Knights members, Will-B & Sheena, and some I badly forgot...


Thanks to all collaborators and beloved :

Auréa my love, The / Los Tacos, Couscous, Ben, New-G, Myssy, Seven11, Chappy, Vhiiula, KikiProds, Tawny, ZeuPiark, UKN, Truiss, WoDK, Hobby1, Pascal Beeckmans, Knights members Victor & Impulse, Antoine, WillB & Sheena, Stef / SGDK, SpritesMind, SMS Power, pouët.net, Optimus, Randomi, SigFlup, Oerg, Frag, Tomaes, Sensenstahl, Zplex, alffcpu, and all people I enjoyed to write/talk/drink coffee or beer in my life...


Logo made by Ozan / Rebels.



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